• Helping patients take responsibility...
  • ...for their health

For Clinics, Healthcare Facilities & Hospitals

  • A secure web-based Patient Portal that can be used alongside your existing EHR system
  • Disseminate Test Results & Medical Reports to patients securely, efficiently and cost-effectively
  • Secure messaging system to communicate with your patients, vastly improving patient confidence and satisfaction while reducing costs
  • Patient Health Diary Trackers & Logs -- invaluable data to help in diagnosis
  • Free & Open Source -- freedom from vendor lock-in
  • Available as a hosted solution -- freedom from system maintenance
  • Available as an appliance to connect to your network
  • Option to interface with your network-connected scanning printer
  • Consulting and technical support on a per-incident basis and technical training

For Patients

  • Receive annonated Test Results and Medical Reports from your Physician or Nurse securely and instanteously
  • My Health Diary -- track and log valuable data that only you can provide. Example: Blood Pressure, Blood Sugar, Weight, Sleep hours, Exercise metrics, etc. that you measure yourself
  • View, plot, trend analyze, search, etc. data stored in My Health Diary
  • Access the Patient Portal and My Health Diary, securely, from anywhere with any device having a web browser
  • Communicate with your clinic staff, physician or nurse securely, bypassing the telephone or clinic visit
  • Tools to help you take responsibility for your health, reduce medical costs and live healthy. Wealth, happiness, peace, accomplishments, etc. -- they will come only if you have good health