Services Offered for PCPConnect


PCPConnect is Free & Open Source Software. You are free to download, install and maintain it on your own computer hardware. However, it requires technical expertise to install and configure it, keep it running, perform data backups, software upgrades, etc.

For very reasonable fees, Essact, the company behind PCPConnect, can provide the following services:

  • The PCPConnect system as a hosted (SaaS/Cloud) solution. Essact will be responsible for all maintenance, data backups, software upgrades of both the PCPConnect system and the underlying Operating System.

  • PCPConnect Applicance -- A server-grade computer system, fully loaded with the PCPConnect system, all the required databases loaded and configured, the underlying operating system installed configured and secured. Supplying electric power and network connectivity is all that is required to bring the PCPConnect system to life. The system can be used immediately. Essact will even pre-populate patient information, if possible.

    A optional redundant system for backup and fail-over purposes is also available.

  • Consulting to help and guide with installation, training, technical support for those choosing to have their own PCPConnect instances on their own computer hardware.

  • Interfacing of Scanning Printers to the PCPConnect system to enable automated transfer of scanned documents, test results and medical reports directly into the PCPConnect system.

  • Custom enhancement requests to the PCPConnect system.

Contact Essact to avail any of the above services.